ARM’s Call: Jokowi Just Resign!

ARM's Call: Jokowi Just Resign!
ARM’s Call: Jokowi Just Resign! (Foto: Ist)
The People’s Alliance Sues (ARM) has made it a “password”. Jokowi. Back off.
By: Moeslim Arbi.

The street action movement began on October 28, 2021. Then. The Street Action Movement to a number of points in Jakarta received coverage from a number of domestic and foreign television media. Tv One, Inews tv and CNN broadcast large banners that read. “JOKOWI MUNDUR”. Said Ita Pakpahan, the nephew of the late Labor leader, Prof. Dr. Mochtar Pakpahan.

The Emak2 (Mothers of Chidrens of Nation) movement that he took part in was known as “ngaspal”. Meaning: Street action movement. Or. Street Parliament Movement.

Ita, a political science scholar in international relations, an alumnus of the National University (UNAS) always comes down with enthusiasm with other mothers, such as: Deasy Narulita Sudirman , Ida Nurhalida, Menuk Wulandari, Tita, Esha, Leni, Mother Sylvi and Devi Hutagalung as well as Dimas.

This line of Militant Mothers is led by Daeng Wahidin: President of PPMI (Indonesian Muslim Workers Brotherhood). Always critically calling for truth and injustice. Defend the fate of workers and defend the people.

The Emak2 raws has also recently received support from students from a number of campuses in Jakarta and its surroundings. Why does ARM always shout “Jokowi Retreat” in every action? In ARM’s view: as Head of State and Head of Government; Jokowi must be responsible for this country’s downturn in various fields of life.

Stacked State Debt, Infrastructure development which is a burden on state finances, including the careless development plan for the State Capital (IKN). The people’s economy suffers as well as poor public health: due to low nutrition. Corruption, collusion and nepotism are increasingly rampant. The dynastic politics that disrupt the democratic system and as. ARM highlighted various products of destructive laws such as the Omnibuslaw, and the IKN Law which caused a lot of noise.

A number of ministers and state officials are making noise. The Minister of Religion, who made rules to limit the call to prayer with the image of Dogs barking. The president is busy with the extension of his term.

By postponing elections and the presidential election. The ministers and their officials are busy carrying out presidential campaigns and campaigns. Then. When will the President and his assistants manage the country and the people?

Of all the problems of the nation and state today.

Under Jokowi, he looked very depressed and even dropped out of class. The World Bank even lowered Indonesia’s status below the developing country ranking. Be a low-income country. One level above the Poor Country.

KKN is increasingly fertile and rampant. The President’s assistants and people close to Jokowi, including his children, are beyond the reach of the law.

Even though KKN is wrapped around them. On the basis of all that: ARM calls for “Jokowi Resign”. In various actions. Finally, ARM raided the office of the Coordinating Minister for Maratim and invested in dialogue about PPKM and so on.

Sadly. Si Opung never appeared to meet ARM mothers who spread various posters and banners at his office on Jalan MH Thamrin – Jakarta.

Moeslim Arbi.
The Movement Director